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Maternal love Free Essay Example, 1250 words

There is no other so special and such a beautiful relationship in the world than of a mom with her child. Maternal love forms in a woman even before pregnancy, when she is impregnated. She gets the good news of becoming a mother and she is elevated to the highest rank in this universe. Maternal bonding between her and her child develops and grows throughout the nine months that she bears the child. The feeling of her child moving inside her awes her and makes her the happiest person in the world. The first ultrasound, the first sight of the tiny little embryo inside her, the first time she listens to the child’s heartbeat and then after a few months a grown up humanly figure inside her wriggling and yawning away all fills her with motherly love, care and attachment with the unborn child. As the baby grows, he or she may become responsive to the mother. It is still unknown what trickles the motherly emotions and instincts in a woman. Without seeing the child, an unseen, irrevo cable love is born for the child. We will write a custom essay sample on Maternal love or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now This maternal love is sealed after the woman gives birth to her child. (Motherhood) It is impossible to recover from the pain of birth for both the child and mother if the love factor does not come in between. It is for love that both are able to overcome the pain and stress of birth and parenting. Because of the infinite love for the baby, a new mother is able to take care of her baby in a proper way. Though breast feeding is so painful yet mothers are willing to bear this pain for the sake of their baby’s good health. The bonding between them becomes strong and irreplaceable as each second passes. It is proven that a baby is only able to develop properly when he is under the care, love and protection of his mother. A baby tends to grow weak if for any reason he is deprived of his mother. Indeed, a weak and helpless newborn needs a mother who cares for him without any greed and without any personal reasons. As George Washington quotes, â€Å"All I am I owe to my mother†. (Quotes on Mothers) Indeed, the position and status of our mothers in our lives is very high as for her we are here where we are, without her help, patience, love, care and attention we had been nothing but a squirming worm in a the gutters of the city. Mothers play a very vital role in our lives and she has been given special dignities by God, Himself. It is witnessed and it is instinctive to a living being’s nature whether it is a human’s or an animal’s baby, in times of danger, illness or fear the child always calls upon his mother and clings to her for protection and safety.

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Anxiety And Its Effects On Children - 1501 Words

ABSTRACT Anxiety is problematic in schools and affects children in the classroom. Anxiety is a feeling that makes them feel they are in danger even when there is not a threat. The anxious children may have an uneasy, persistent feeling about situations which can result in catastrophic thinking. Statistics show that â€Å"One in eight children suffer from some form of anxiety disorder† (Minahan, 2012) and it is very common. Depending on the form of anxiety, whether it being, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder the students behavior can vary depending on which disorder they have. It is very crucial for teachers to understand and recognize the signs these children show so that the†¦show more content†¦Some teachers may mistake anxiety behaviors with oppositional behaviors which needs to be differentiated. Statistics show that one out of every 8 student have or will have some form of an anxiety disorder (Minahan, 2012) s o teachers have to be aware. Anxiety is Problematic in the Classroom Anxiety poses many problems in school age children varying from student to student. Some students will want things to be perfect or may ask for constant reassurance on what they are doing in the class. The child may be overly behaved coming off in bossy way. Some children suffering from these disorders may have a difficultly joining in with their peers resulting in poor participation. Other students can often sense other children s anxious feelings which cause them to avoid the anxious child. It is also seen in children with anxiety that they have limited friendships or age-inappropriate peer groups in which they associate themselves with. (Gamble, N.A.) Some students have anger outbursts which can consist of throwing items like a book or pencils. The anxious child may yell and scream when feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Children with anxiety may get up and leave the classroom without informing anyone and show emotional instability. Anxiety impacts a students working memory making it difficult to learn and retain information. The student may demonstrate over reactivity to a situation, having intense emotional responses and impulsivity. (Minahan, 2012) It is

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“Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad Essay Sample free essay sample

In â€Å"Heart of Darkness† . by Joseph Conrad. Conrad explores his position of colonialism. He creates a position that colonialism is representative of man’s desire to rule and evaluates the obliquity of the motivations. Through these thoughts he creates a feeling of the malevolence of colonialism. However. both Conrad. in existent life. and Marlow. who represents Conrad. worked and lived in the universe of colonialism and through Conrad’s syntax some. like Chinua Achebe. believe Conrad to be racialist. The chief positions for the racialist position of Conrad are that in the narrative no black individual gets a name. racialist descriptions ( like â€Å"a barbarian who was no more history than a grain of sand in a black Sahara† ) and the fact that no black character is in talked about in the novel for more than a paragraph. These conflicting places on colonialism are representative of the struggle between colonialism and broad positions. which happened during the clip Conrad wrote this novel. Conrad explores the lay waste toing consequence of the false motivations for colonialism on the people of both the colonising state and the colonized state. He does this by spread outing on his motive of thaumaturgy and the Godhead. which is further expressed through the repeat of the motives of visible radiation and dark. into demoing us how these false motivations and positions of colonialism has become a charming remedy for the ‘savagery’ of Africa. This allows people to warrant their actions and therefore lose their moral compass and go morally hypocritical. This lip service is shown through the changeless allusions to the native Africans as barbarians when they live and keep to their ain moral codification and the Europeans slaying them which is against their faith. ‘thou shalt non kill’ . when faith was a cardinal motivation to colonize the universe and therefore repair the imbalanced universe. in both â€Å"Heart of Darkness† and existent life. This is shown by Conrad by Marlow’s Aunt depicting Marlow as an â€Å"emissary of light† . The usage of the imagination of visible radiation i s used to reenforce this charming and godly remedy for the world’s jobs in regard to balance. This false thaumaturgy is farther reinforced by the nescient tone in which the Aunt. who was responsible for Marlow’s assignment to the company. says â€Å"weaning those nescient 1000000s from their horrid ways† . The power of deceitful thaumaturgy is shown through Marlow’s response: â€Å"I ventured to suggest that the Company was run for profit† . and the deficiency of reaction and recognition by the Aunt of this fact. The Godhead and charming imagination is besides used to deprive off the false alibis of colonialism through the knitwork old adult females out the forepart of the doctor’s office in Brussels. These adult females. â€Å"she seemed to cognize all about them and me too† . are insistent of the Greek Mythological magical and godly existences. The Fates and through the two lines: â€Å"guarding the door of Darkness† and â€Å"Morituri te salutant [ those who are about to decease salutation you ] † . Conrad revels the dark and evil nature of colonialism. This is farther reveled through the scene used by Conrad of the Brussels office for the company. The malevolence of colonialism is expressed through the futility of some of the Acts of the Apostless of force in Africa and the moving ridge of devastation and decease caused by the colonisation procedure. Teodor josef konrad korzeniowski shows this futility through Marlow’s description of the Gallic Man of War pelting the jungle as â€Å"Pop. would travel one the eight-inch guns ; a small white fume would vanish. as bantam missile would give a lame screech- and nil happened† . The quotation mark clearly shows the futility of this action and it supports this through the usage of dry statements like â€Å"Pop† depicting a cannon and â€Å"feeble† depicting the sound of the cannon. Soon after this image of futility Conrad shocks the reader with an image of complete immorality of black captives in ironss guarded by another black adult male. Marlow comments â€Å" I’ve seen the Satan of force. and the Satan of greed. and the Satan of hot desire ; but. by all the stars! These were strong. lustful red-eyed devils† . This evilness is expressed farther through the usage of the Satan which alludes to the Godhead imagination used before to demo how genuinely evil colonialism is. Then Marlow is confronted by the grove of decease. a grove of trees with a group of deceasing native labourers. Marlow sees a spot of European narration tied around one of the laborer’s cervix and admirations about its significance. This draws the reader’s attending to the nature of this narration and from this one time can see the ascendant nature. the true bosom of darkness. of human sort expressed. This immorality is contrasted by the usage of â€Å"a miracle† to depict the company comptroller. This godly imagination in alliance with the fact that he calmly ignores the desolation. reinforces the malevolence of colo nialism. In decision. Conrad suggests the position of European colonialism is malicious but is besides enveloped in a mist of prevarications and misdirection in order to make a apparently charming alibi and mantra to let for colonialism to go on.